#0168: FinovateEurope 2024 Summary Insights Demos

I went to Finovate and listened to 35 fintech demos so you didn’t have to

Matthew Sinclair
2 min readFeb 28, 2024
Source: FinovateEurope 2024 London


[ED: Easy reading with this conference read out.]

I was lucky to get a complimentary ticket to FinovateEurope 2024 London this week. It was genuinely interesting, so I decided to write up what I saw, with special attention to all of the fintech demos.

As an aside, I also used this as an experiment to see how much of the write up I could automate with a few scripts, a couple of Emacs macros, and some canny use of gen-AI [ED: Which will be the topic of a future post!].

Technical geekery aside, the final product is a short summary and some insights synthesised across all of the demos, plus a 1-page summary of each of the 35 fintech demos that I sat through.

Here is the presentation:

Note: if the above embedded link does not work, try this: FinovateEurope 2024 Summary Insights Demos.


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